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01/08/2024 @ 07:25 PM

Wiped this website clean of everything non-essential.
Fixed the website music not playing and using an old outdated format to play the music. (RIP Flash)

04/05/2018 @ 07:25 PM

Fixed the guest book IP ban issue permanently. (Thanks Chewy and Kosan for whining about it so much)

01/20/2017 @ 06:54 PM

This is going to be the last update most likely for another long ass time.
I fixed the main page, re-alligned the menu/image and make it clickable to return to home and adjusted some height styles.
I also fixed the home menu music now. See you in another 500 years.

Edit: I also changed some of the colors on the guestbook now so they're easier to see.

01/18/2017 @ 05:39 PM

Removed everything as it's outdated and essentially useless.
If you need anything from the archives old links will most likely still work with a few exceptions.
If you're looking for something specific and can't find it, feel free to use the contact page and I'll throw whatever it is; your way.
(Also fixed the broken captcha ... so you can actually sign the guestbook and contact me now. Sorry about that. <_<)

07/29/2014 @ 09:04 AM

Added in a "favicon.ico". You're welcome ?

07/29/2014 @ 04:27 AM

Fixed the broken Guest Book. For some reason the main php decided to disappear.
Removed the flash from the starting page. I want to make my website a little less newfag-teen-like and more SFW & mature.
Fixed up the GUI's page. The NSFW content is now hidden in a spoiler :)
Changed so that the Nokia Themes are now hidden in a NSFW spoiler too !
Renamed the Map Directory link to a better name to avoid confusion.
Changed a few colors on a few pages.
More updates coming soon, I promise.
I'm alive ! Honestly !

02/18/2013 @ 06:31 AM

Updated the FAQ page and reduced it's total size.
Fixed up the guest book once again, fixing it's links and updating it's "posting rules".

02/17/2013 @ 05:14 AM

Home image changed !
Fur Corner updated !

02/08/2013 @ 09:39 PM

Home image will be changed again shortly.
Comment section has been restored. (Reasons for break will not be shown)

01/28/2013 @ 03:31 PM

Some colors on the website were changed, I hope you like them.
Home image changed, easter egg link fixed !
Fur Corner updated !
More updates soon to come.

01/15/2013 @ 09:45 PM

Fur Corner is updated and will continue to update every week.
Page View counter was removed due to antivirus' picking it up as malware. (The fuck ?)
Updated the GUI's to actually link to the correct shit. (Will be updating the RES files in a couple days)
Updated broken links and fur archive links.

01/15/2013 @ 02:21 PM

Website will be going under maintenence...
Updating Fur Corner, Links and Fixing bugs.
All changes will be listed after the update is applied.

09/02/2012 @ 02:21 PM

Updating GUI pages.
More to be updated through the day.
All changes will be listed after the update is finished.

08/21/2012 @ 09:08 AM

Updated My Art !
New website changes coming soon ! Stay tuned :)

12/19/2011 @ 10:44 PM

Updated the Pangya section with a new dll !

11/24/2011 @ 11:08 PM

New Nokia N95 Theme ! (Affection/Falvie)
Updated "Krystal In Heat" & "Furbite" for certificate updates and misalligned pixels.
Will also make the older themes have the same preview later. The new screen shots show more detail and are higher quality.

11/22/2011 @ 5:28 PM

Updated Fur Corner.
Added new Nokia N95 Theme! (Furbite)

8/10/2011 @ 3:39 AM

ReAdded Pangya Section.
Added newest information and links.

7/24/2011 @ 6:29 PM

Updated the Fur Corner with new images.
Why the delay ? Too many reasons to number.
Also, click the home page image for a laugh.

7/5/2011 @ 3:15 PM

Updated "Steam Achievement Manager" to the latest version in Tools section.

7/4/2011 @ 1:56 PM

Updated This Weeks Fur Corner.
Fixed all the broken links in the Fur Archive. Sorry for that.
Updated links and files !

27/6/2011 @ 11:36 AM

Updated Fur Corner.
Will be adding new BG's and a new section later this week.
Updated links and files !

14/6/2011 @ 10:28 AM

MASSIVE update to the Fur corner. Two weeks of nothing calls for a crap load of something. You didn't wait for nothing.
Increased width of bottom browsing box for easier access and view of images stacked next to each other.
Updated links and files !

2/6/2011 @ 4:03 AM

Added New Map !

24/5/2011 @ 5:42 PM

Updated :
Fur Corner Images ! (Yesterday, actually)
Added Panther Hands Reskin for Counter strike Source.

15/5/2011 @ 8:26 PM

Updated :
Fur Corner Images !
Fixed up the Fur Corner Archive to directly link to the FA image host.
*I did that to save on webhost space since I dont want to crowd it*
Fixed news section (you're veiwing it) to make all the older news in a scrollable box for better performance and looks when loading this page.

1/5/2011 @ 8:13 PM

Updated :
Fur Corner Images !

26/4/2011 @ 2:30 AM

Updated :
More Fur Corner Images !
Added "Other Usefull Programs" section.
Added FRAPS available to download in the Usefull Programs section.
Added MorphVOX Pro v3.0.5 FULL available to download in the Usefull Programs section.
Added Youtube Downloader in the Usefull Programs section.
Added CrzyMike's Source DLL Injector to the Tools section.
Added Cvarhider in the Plugins/Addons section.

18/4/2011 @ 3:02 PM

Updated :
Updated fur corner images !
Massive website update this week.
Not sure about the exact date. Stay tuned.

Edits :
(18th, 3:07pm) Added missing link to download surf_furry for counter strike source.
(18th, 4:21pm) Updated some lua script addresses.

11/4/2011 @ 5:14 PM

Updated :
Updated fur corner images !
Put more than 1 this week cause I still feel as if I owe you guys for the delays I've made in the past =3

3/4/2011 @ 11:39 PM

Updated :
Updated fur corner images. Added more than 1 cause I'm in a special mood today.
Updated link to Fur Archive !

31/3/2011 @ 5:44 PM

Updated :
Added steam sound mods to the steam program/games section.

3/19/2011 @ 3:33 PM

Updated :
Added new map in the maps section ! (Thanks for the request Wolfy)
Fixed a mistake in the fur corner section where a link to an image wasnt working.
Added more images to the fur corner archive.
Added new tool to the tools section. An external batch compiler for source based games.
Minor website tweaks.

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to the following people :
Jamie, Zaruchen, Wolfy, Iggi, Zen, Dr. Comet, Strype, Bernal & everyone @

3/7/2011 @ 08:00 PM

Updated :
Added an image archive to the fur corner section. Thanks to Marzy for that suggestion.
Changed the weekly image. To say sorry for all the delays I've made so far, it's a flash to dress the fox to your own liking !
Updated old links, added more coding AND a massive thank you to all the people that wished me a happy birthday yesterday.
I WILL be updating the fur corner archive with the older images as soon as I find them. Or remember which ones they were.
Also will tend to update everything weekly like I promised to. Thanks for the support you all give me on this website.
Suggestions are welcome !

Also thanks for another year. My birthday may have been small, but all the people I know made me laugh and make it much better than any beforehand.
Thanks to a certain person for still loving/caring/helping me through life and being there when I most need it. You make me who I am.
Thank you for the steam gift, the things you buy me and the future commission to come. I'm looking forward to that more than anything at the moment.
Follow me on Twitter to find all my newest updates !

3/5/2011 @ 11:44 PM

Updated :
Added Intervention Skins to the models section in Counter-Strike Source.

1/30/2011 @ 12:44 AM

Updated :
Updated this weeks Fur Corner image.
ALL updates will be done either daily or weekly @ latest. The updates that are done daily will not be posted until the end of week.
Added material/script rainbow crosshair for Counter Strike Source in it's tool section.
Updated ftp with screen shot updates.

1/24/2011 @ 2:30 PM

Updated :
Updated this weeks fur corner images. Yes, I know I was late 1 day but hey ! To make it up to you, you now have two images. I also figured you need one that's PG and one that's not.
Added Surf_furry to the maps section with new screen shots ! As well as high res !.
Fixed old problems with some html tags going all buggered up.

1/15/2011 @ 5:32 PM

Updated :
Fixed sections linking to incorrect files.
Cod section : Added "Multihacks, Exploits, Rcon Hackers and instant lvl 55".
Fixed Pangya section and added No Game Guard dll.

1/14/2011 @ 8:03 PM

Updated :
Others section with : New Cell Phone Theme, Updated links, added songs and images.
FurCorner section : Added the Image of the week thing again. (Updates every sunday)
Updated Games and Programs Section with the links that were removed.

To do :
Maps section needs its links to surf_furry and another map I cant remember.
Cod 4 section needs to be created, as well as the Pangya and other programs section.
Need to update Faq and add music to the homepage.

1/14/2011 @ 4:14 AM

Added new Gui's for Counter strike source.
Added new Steam Skins.
Fixed guest book.
Contact tab updated.
Added new images.
Old sections that were removed/lost will be re-added soon !

1/14/2011 @ 1:14 AM

Website is back up !
There might be some bugs or minor issues but be sure they will be fixed asap !